Pohostinec Monarch

Pohostinec Monarch

Grand Cru Restaurant a Bar

pohostinec Karlín

Pohostinec Karlín

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Eshop s víny a destiláty

New Year´s Eve 2019

24. 12. 2019 closed - 1. 1. 2020 open from 15 hours

Lunch menu

                   Lunch menu 11.30 - 14.30

                            9. - 13. 12. 2019  

                               Soup, starter

            Green peas soup with speck and bread croutons   65 CZK
            Croquette of fallow deer, pumpkin purée, brussels sprouts 125 CZK

                             Main courses

           Braised pork cheeks, potato purée 189 CZK
           Beef Flank steak, grilled polenta, brussel sprouts 245 CZK
           Spaghetti "All Arrabiata", tomato sauce with basil, cheese Gran Moravia 195 CZK
           Fish of the day, bulgur with baked tomato, parsley, sea shells sauce 245 CZK


          Chocolate cake with vanilla cream

  95 CZK