Complete menu

Champignons macerated with thyme and lemon, with oak leaf lettuce
395 CZK
cucumber, carrot, Brazil nuts, goat cheese and Miso dressing
Beef Prime carpaccio
389 CZK
Shimeji mushrooms and sesame
Dried Ryb eye carpaccio
579 CZK
truffle mayo 200g
Smoked beef tartare
389 CZK
garlic confit, bread
Dry Rib eye steak tartare
595 CZK
capers and cilantro
Roasted bone marrow
335 CZK
onion chutney, bread
Foie gras
595 CZK
rhubarb and strawberries
Salmon gravlax
339 CZK
dill and lemon
Grilled shrimps
325 CZK
chilli and mango
White and green asparagus, bacon, 63° egg
369 CZK
Glazed carrots
245 CZK
beetroot, Feta cheese
Soup of the day
139 CZK
Asparagus Velouté
195 CZK
Sea bass
695 CZK
grilled vegetable
Grilled shrimps
599 CZK
chilli and mango
Arborio risotto with asparagus
425 CZK
Parmesan cheese
USDA filet mignon Prime beef burger, Cheddar cheese, bacon jam, crispy onion
545 CZK
home-made French fries
Dry Aged USDA double beef burger with bacon, truffle mayo, Emmental
895 CZK
homemade French fries
Black Angus USDA
New York strip
890 CZK
300g regular
Bone in New York strip
1290 CZK / 1690 CZK
550g regular / dry-aged
Filet mignon Prime
1290 CZK
220g regular
Rib eye
1390 CZK / 1790 CZK
400g regular / dry-aged
Bone-in Rib eye
1490 CZK / 1990 CZK
550g regular / dry-aged
1390 CZK / 1790 CZK
600g regular / dry-aged
2250 CZK
800g regular
Czech Steaks
Filet mignon
950 CZK
250g regular
Bone-in Rib eye
1650 CZK
500g dry-aged
USDA steaks tasting for 2
1x New York stirp bone in 550g, 1x filet mignon Prime 220g
2850 CZK
1x home-made fries, 1x salad, 1x sauce
USDA steaks tasting for 4
1x T-bone 600g , 1x Rib eye 400g, 1x New York strip 300g, 1x filet mignon Prime 220g
5450 CZK
2x home-made fries, 1x Mexican corn, 1x green salad, 2x sauce
Dry aged steaks tasting USDA / CZ
1x Bone-in Rib eye USDA 550g, Bone-in Rib eye CZ 500g
3990 CZK
1x homemade fries, 1x Mexican corn, 1x green salad, 2x sauce
Side dishes
Home-made French fries
139 CZK
Mixed green salad
139 CZK
Onion rings with garlic mayo
155 CZK
Ash-roasted potatoes
155 CZK
Grilled vegetables
155 CZK
Baked Mexican corn Elotes
195 CZK
Josper fried Padrón peppers
249 CZK
95 CZK
Port wine
95 CZK
95 CZK
Smoked lemon mayonnaise
95 CZK
Roasted bone marrow
145 CZK
Semolina mousse with cinnamon
149 CZK
gingerbread ice cream
Chocolate cake with sour cherries
195 CZK
Dessert of the day
149 CZK
Home-made vanilla ice cream
59 CZK
Home-made gingerbread ice cream
59 CZK