Pohostinec Monarch

Pohostinec Monarch

Grand Cru Restaurant a Bar

pohostinec Karlín

Pohostinec Karlín

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Eshop s víny a destiláty

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Lunch menu

                   Lunch menu 11.30 - 14.30


                               Soup, starter

              Gazpacho  65 CZK
              Farm salad with bacon, potatoes 125 CZK

                             Main courses

             Cabbage meatloaf, potato purée, , cucumber salad  175 CZK
             Skew veal saltimboca, grilled zucchini, garlic dip  225 CZK
             Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, cheese Gran Moravia  195 CZK
             Fish of the day, green asparagus, risotto with parmesan   245 CZK


           Muffin with strawberries sauce and sorbet    95 CZK