Pohostinec Monarch

Pohostinec Monarch

Grand Cru Restaurant a Bar

pohostinec Karlín

Pohostinec Karlín

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Eshop s víny a destiláty

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Mix lettuce salad with parma ham and watter melon 189 CZK
Tomato salad with red onion 165 CZK


Grilled prawns, mango - chilli chutney 345 CZK
Glazed carrots with honey, feta cheese, beetroot 185 CZK
Beef "prime" carpaccio, pine nuts, cheese Gruyere 265 CZK
Veal tartar, truffels mayonnaise, bread chips 245 CZK
Smoked beef brisket with celery remulade 195 CZK
Terrine of pork knee, red onion  175 CZK


Soup of the day 95 CZK
Creamy soup with mushrooms, poached egg and dill  105 CZK

Main dishes


The best of Monarch!

Terrine of pork knee, red onion 175 CZK
12 hours duck leg confit, red cabbage with apples, speck dumplings 389 CZK
Filet mignon prime - Black Angus 250g  1 290 CZK
Veal schnitzel, Moravian potato salad 359 CZK
Fregola with dried tomatoes, grilled vegetables 285 CZK
Grilled pike perch with green peas purée, vegetables ragout, sweet potatoes 389 CZK
Aged beef  burger, smoked chilli mayonnasie, cheese, bacon, french fries    435 CZK

USDA steaks

 New York Strip - USDA - 300 g regular                   590 CZK 
 Rib eye - USDA - 400 g regular / dry aged 890 / 1 190 CZK 
 Filet mignon - AUS - 250 g regular                    790 CZK
 Filet mignon - USDA "prime" - 250 g regular                     1 290 CZK
 T - bone - USDA - 500 g regular / dry aged  1 090 / 1 390 CZK 
Dry aged steaks tasting for 2 persons daily offer  
1x French fries, 1x vegetables, 1x sauce                                                                        
Steaks tasting for 4 persons  3 390 CZK
1x T-bone 500 g, 1x Rib eye 400 g, 1x New York strip 300 g, 1x Filet mignon 250 g,  
2x French fries, 2x vegetables, 2x salad, 2x sauce  

Side dishes

Home made french fries 95 CZK
Potato purée 89 CZK
Mashed peas with mint 95 CZK
Glazed carrots with honey and thyme 125 CZK
Grilled vegetables 125 CZK
Mixed lettuce salad 85 CZK


Pepper sauce 75 CZK
Port wine sauce 75 CZK
Creamy mushroom sauce 85 CZK
Mayonnaise 45 CZK


Semolina foam with cinnamon, gingerbread ice cream 149 CZK
Cake with nuts and carrots, caramel cream 165 CZK
One scoop of homemade ice cream 69 CZK
Selection cheeses 295 CZK