Pohostinec Monarch

Pohostinec Monarch

Grand Cru Restaurant a Bar

pohostinec Karlín

Pohostinec Karlín

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Eshop s víny a destiláty

Unique steak tasting

at Monarch. Do not miss it.

Monarch restaurant offers lunch menu, premium quality steaks with USDA classification and wines from all around the world. We are looking forward to your visit.





Greek lettuce, anchovy dressing, parmesan 169 CZK
With chicken supréme 255 CZK


Beef „Prime“ carpaccio, pine nuts, cheese Gruyère 295 CZK
Dried rib-eye carpaccio with truffle mayo 400 g 690 CZK
US Prime beef tartar, garlic confit 265 CZK
Dried USDA rib-eye tartar steak 390 CZK
Roasted bone marrow, onion chutney, bread
Pork knee terrine, red onion
225 CZK
175 CZK
Glazed honey carrots, Feta cheese, beetroot
179 CZK

Starters / Main 

Grilled prawns, beurre blanc sauce 299 CZK / 599 CZK
Grilled octopus, hummus, sweet corn 215 CZK / 590 CZK
Lamb chop, vegetables tajine 185 CZK / 495 CZK


Soup of the day 85 CZK
Cold cucumber soup 85 CZK


Fresh fish grilled on Josper®   


Dry aged USDA beef burger, smoked chilli mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, French fries 349 CZK

Black Angus USDA

Strip steak – 300g regular
590 CZK
Filet mignon Prime - 220g regular 950 CZK
Rib eye – 400 g regular / Dry aged
990 CZK / 1 390 CZK
T-bone – 500 g regular / Dry aged
990 CZK / 1 390 CZK

 Czech Cattle

Filet mignon - 250 g regular 490 CZK
Rib eye 400g dry aged 690 CZK
Tomahawk - 1000 g  35 days dry ageing 1 590 CZK

USDA steaks tasting for 2

1 990 CZK 
1x USDA Rib eye 400g, 1x filet mignon Prime 220g 1x French fries, 1x salad, 1x sauce  

USDA steaks tasting for 4

3 690 CZK
1x T-bone 500 g, Rib eye 400g, 1x strip steak 300 g, 1x filet mignon Prime 220 g
 2x French fries, 2x vegetable, 2x sauce

Side dishes

Homemade French fries 75 CZK
Potato purée 89 CZK
Vegetable tajine 89 CZK
Mixed green salad 89 CZK
Glazed carrots with honey 125 CZK
Grilled vegetables
Grilled corn
145 CZK
145 CZK


Pepper  79 CZK
Port wine  79 CZK
Chipotle mayonnaise 79 CZK


Semolina foam with cinnamon, gingerbread ice cream 129 CZK
Dessert of the day 99 CZK
Scoop of homemade ice cream 59 CZK

 Cheese & smoked meat

Cheese selection 295 CZK
Selection of homemade prosciutto 249 CZK